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Share Your Light with the World

By healing yourself and becoming a healer for others you heal the world. Know that there is no other work more sacred than this.

Why Become a Coach

Simply because the world needs more Coaches! 


The world doesn't need more lawyers or doctors or politicians to fix something. It needs coaches, teachers who share the wisdom that there would not be a need to fix something anymore. Because all the problems (health issues, financial difficulties, relationship problems, emotional disorders) we as human beings experience have the same root cause - a disconnection from our true Self. 

This is why coaches and mentors are invaluable. Together we can restore the world back to Health, Love, and Peace. 

Today we see how millions of people are suffering from depressions, anxiety, sleep disorders, co-dependencies, addictions, and eating disorders. Around 50% of all marriages end up in separation. And cancer and diabetes are common diseases now.


All of this is not natural to our true state of beingness. It comes from an old belief system that doesn't have our inner well-being at its core. We are not taught mental and emotional well-being at schools,  and many of us grow up in families completely lacking love and peace. We grow up in societies that make us hard, competitive, and ashamed of emotions. We are deliberately misguided to stay in the lower levels of experiencing life, being slaves to the system, where suffering and pain are accepted as normal and where the main focus is on doing and achieving and not on bringing out the natural light of our Souls that want to shine in this beautiful world.

It is up to us when we are grown up to change the course of our lives, find our inner light, and then share it with the world. And those who woke up from being limited can guide others home. Only when you know how the inner light looks like can you pass it on. Thus, the best coaches are those who healed their own wounds, those that haven't just learned from textbooks studying psychology but personally went onto a deep journey within, into the dark parts, and came out carrying their inner light, shining bright with gentleness, compassion, and Divine Love. 

In 3 Months to Certified Coach


Easily Done at Home 

Training fits into any busy schedule and integrates with your daily life. 


Guaranteed Results

No matter how much doubts you have, with the methods we teach you will be able to teach others.


Full Personal Guidance

Our training is held 1:1 through video calls, where we guide you personally through the journey.

Our Breakthrough Training

Have you been looking for a Guru, teacher who can help you make sense of your life? Bring all those broken pieces back together? To find out they tell you to just sit and meditate? Have you tried Yoga, Breathwork, EFT, NLP which feel amazing in the moment but after a few hours, days or weeks your life is still the same?

Maybe you don't know yet that there is a clear Roadmap to Awakening and Healing. The Map of Consciousness created by Dr David Hawkins, internationally renowned psychiatrist, teacher and director of the Institute for Spiritual Research.

This Map and the methods are everything one needs to overcome any trauma, unresolved emotions and limitations. There is no spiritual fluff here, no bypassing, no affirmations, no extra whoo whoo, but straight to the core removal of everything that holds you back.

This training will destroy the fragile world you have created about yourself, all ideas about yourself, all conditioning. It will feel like a death, which in fact it is, the death of the ego. But more real it is a transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly.  A journey to Love and Peace. A journey to your truth that you will discover in our 1:1 sessions when we guide you into your subconscious where you experience absolute clarity and liberation.

The inner wisdom we help you to discover will be permanent and transform your life.
And from there manifest outwards to transform humanity. Transform your community, your family and your clients.
You will become a wizard, the person you have been looking for to save you. And a shining contagious light for everyone that comes in touch with you. 

The Structure of This Training

  • Program Duration - 3 Months: 1 Month of Personal Transformation and 2 Months of Teacher Training
  • Weekly 1:1 sessions via Video Calls with James and Laura
  • Daily Check in and guidance from us direclty
  • Access to our personal collection of rare books and lectures
  • Access to our interactive group of students
  • Ceritification upon accomplishment of the training

After the Training You Will

Know Your Niche 

We help you to identify what field you really like to work with and who is your ideal client. You can focus on relationships, children, trauma healing, addictions, etc.

Be Your Own Boss

From online workshops, giving group sessions to 1:1 personal and even group clients. You will work exactly by your own designs. And finally be in the driver's seat of your life.

Be Fully Equipped

You won't be spending hours, months and years on creating videos and courses. The program that took us 5 years to build we pass it fully over to you. Bonus: we even build your website!

Meet Your Mentors

James (meet your mentors) 1080x1080.jpeg

Laura & James both have been on a long path of healing themselves, reconnecting to their Higher Selves, exploring all the available methods and techniques the best teachers of the world can offer.


For James, the biggest curiosity was realizing who he truly was and why there are so much suffering and pain in the world. He has overcome all limitations of the ego and reached a pure state of unconditional love, connection to God, and inner peace. He is now able to offer others simple navigation to reach the same state of beingness. 

For Laura, the biggest challenge was to overcome the pain of growing up in a narcissistic family, divorces, violence at home, and a strict society with high expectations that did not match or support her soul's calling. She also tried many healing modalities until she had her transformation to be free of old pain and connect to and radiate from her limitless feminine heart. 

They have found what truly works, and unite their wisdom and Love into one incredibly well structured and effective mentorship program. Within a couple of months, they teach and guide you how to let go of any suffering and start living life with deeper joy, happiness, abundance, freedom, and optimum health.  There are not enough words to describe the incredible levels of expansion you will feel and experience. 

Laura (meet your mentors) 1080x1080.jpeg

What Our Teachers Say


Start Your Journey Now

The training to become a certified coach is 3 months long. It opens up the path for you to do what we do and guide others to an extraordinary life. The training is structured in a way that fits into any busy life.


Affordable and flexible payment plans are available.

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