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Programs for inner Healing, Embodied Spirituality, and Devotional Life


Achieve your freedom, whatever it means for you: happiness, success, material abundance, self-realization, optimal health and harmony in your relationships through our guidance.


Overcome any illness in your body and your mind by connecting with your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides. Clear out all the limiting and detrimental beliefs. Harmonize emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical systems.


On completion of the course, you will have completely changed your experience of life, to one of total security and limitless capacity for happiness. You will master the most valuable method any human being can learn.

Therapy Sessions

About us

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To support every soul on their journey to Self realization and happiness by providing the best guidance, tools, and methods.

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Help to raise the level of consciousness in the world by raising the vibrations of individuals and communities all over the planet.

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We make difference by the virtue of who we are. And we are here to be an example of unconditional love, self-honesty, integrity and humility.

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Meet the founders

Laura & James both have been on a long path of healing themselves, reconnecting to their Higher Selves, exploring all the available methods and techniques the best teachers of the world can offer.


For James, the biggest curiosity was realizing who he truly was and why there is so much suffering and pain in the world. He has overcome all limitations of the ego and reached a pure state of unconditional Love, connection to God, and inner peace. He is now able to offer others simple navigation to reach the same state of beingness. 

For Laura, the biggest challenge was to overcome the pain of growing up in a narcissistic family, divorces, violence at home, and a strict society with high expectations that did not match or support her soul's calling. She also tried many healing modalities until she had her transformation to be free of old pain and connect to and radiate from her limitless feminine heart. 

They have found what truly works, and unite their wisdom and Love into one incredibly well structured and effective mentorship program. Within a couple of months, they teach and guide you how to let go of any suffering and start living life with deeper joy, happiness, abundance, freedom, and optimum health. There are not enough words to describe the incredible levels of expansion you will feel and experience. 

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Start your journey with Become Alive to reconnect with Self and find inner Harmony, Happiness and Abundance

As a holistic center, we aim to make an impact not just on you as an individual but also on your family and your loved ones. It is imperative that we look after our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being in order to live healthier, happier, and more thriving lives. Once we are able to understand how to optimize our well-being, it is much easier to have a greater impact and ripple effect on those around us. It might be your partner, best friend, child, parent, or colleague.

Our programs are designed to help you along your life journey and educate you on how to transform and recycle your knowledge to be the most radiant, alive version of yourself. We change the world by awakening ourselves. If we heal ourselves we break the cycle of suffering and trauma passed on to the next generation. 

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Eat for Beauty book by Laura Weyel
is coming soon...

Throughout my lifetime and career as a model, I have always been asked what I eat. As a certified nutritionist and lover of delicious, nutrition-dense food, I have decided to write a book that allows you to follow simple tools that promote longevity and ultimate health. This book is perfect for those looking for guidance to promote immunity and those that thrive for vibrant energies and true beauty from the inside out. This book also serves as a perfect guide and support for all of my programs. 


FREE 7-day Meditation Course

If you're having difficulty meditating, it probably means you are doing it wrong. Meditation isn't about mind control, making it quiet, or developing a superpower… even if we wish it were. It's a tool that teaches us to be comfortable with our mind just as it is and builds our awareness.

7% of every sale we give to revitalize deforested areas, help to find solutions to clean the ocean from plastic, help endangered and needy animals. By taking our programs, you are directly involved in good deeds.

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