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Begin Your Journey to Freedom

One of the greatest values of mentors is seeing more wholeness and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and navigate you to your true destination.

Why Mentorship

You can sign up for all the amazing workshops, retreats, and online courses on self-development (we have a few incredible courses too, that can lead you all the way to becoming the best version of yourself) but statistically less than 10% finish any online course.


It's not that the courses don't work or deliver real transformational tools. It is because most of us just don't follow through and actually do the work by ourselves. Life gets in the way, busy days, distractions, lack of discipline, unhealthy patterns or self-doubt showing up, and losing the big end goal out of sight of what you actually wanted to achieve. This is where a mentor comes in so you don't detour from your goals.


A mentor is there with you through all the mess, the highs and lows. A mentor is someone you grow a very personal relationship with, learn from, be understood, inspired by and individually guided as well as held accountable. It goes way beyond what therapists do.


Weekly calls make all the difference to stay on track and achieve in months what you alone would accomplish in years only or maybe even never. If we ask you to meditate on fears, self-doubt, or feeling of rejection, you might be able to find a few things that the rational mind remembers but when we guide you into deep states of delta and theta waves, your subconsciousness will bring up things you did not even know exist in you. We as humans are so good at suppressing and numbing most emotions completely. In our sessions, we have an amazing opportunity to bring these up and release them where you wouldn't have found access to by yourself. 

With this mentorship program, you will reach your highest potential and liberation which will reflect in the quality and happiness of your life, your work, and your relationships (with your partner, your kids, parents, friends).

This Mentorship is For You If

  • You tried other tools like psychologists/therapies, meditations, affirmations, sound healing, different retreats which can help for a short period of time but then same problems and pain come back
  • Your relationships are going through difficult times, maybe breaking apart and you don't know what to do to save the family and bring back that fire of love, deep connection and care that existed before
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life, become the creator of your own reality, and heal your inner traumas, instead of being a victim of circusmtances
  • You are tired of being influenced by the negative states of your mind like depressions, addictions and unhealthy, desctructive behavior patterns
  • You feel stuck and procrastinating, and want to overcome anxiety, worries, self-doubts, lack of self-worth, co-dependencies, and any insecurities
  • You feel there is more to life and you are ready to experience the magic and full potential within you and go onto the spiritual path of awakening

Together We Will


Become entirely clear about your goals and vision for your life

Distractions are the result of living purposelessly and without fulfillment. Time to step into your true power and potential.


Discover sub-conscious limiting believes holding you back

No matter what intentions you set and the new tools you learn, they all are out canceled by old mind patterns. We will get rid of them.


Design a clear roadmap to succeed in reaching your goals

If unguided life can be messy, and painful. Luckily, Great Teachers have mastered living joyfully and left us a clear path to follow.


Find your purpose and heart desire for what impact you want to have in this world

True fulfillment comes from living with purpose, giving, and having a positive impact on others.


Integrate tools to set values and boundaries that serve your well-being

Integrity towards your own values and goals is what leads to a life of happiness and greatness.


Raise your inner state to start attracting the true Love you are looking for into your life 

Only when we become fulfilled within, we are truly able to have a lasting relationships of unconditional Love. 

You Will Get From Us

  • Weekly Calls and Our Deep Personal Support 
  • Guided Sessions into Your Subconsciousness
  • Unlimited Access to All Our Courses, Programs and Workshops
  • 24/7 WhatsApp/Telegram Access to Laura & James Directly
  • Daily Personal Check-ins and Step-by Step Guidance
  • Guaranteed Transformation Without Coming Back to Old Patterns
  • Option to Include Full Training to Become a Certified Coach
James (meet your mentors) 1080x1080.jpeg

Meet Your Mentors

Laura & James both have been on a long path of healing themselves, reconnecting to their Higher Selves, exploring all the available methods and techniques the best teachers of the world can offer.


For James, the biggest curiosity was realizing who he truly was and why there are so much suffering and pain in the world. He has overcome all limitations of the ego and reached a pure state of unconditional Love, connection to God, and inner peace. He is now able to offer others simple navigation to reach the same state of beingness. 

For Laura, the biggest challenge was to overcome the pain of growing up in a narcissistic family, divorces, violence at home, and a strict society with high expectations that did not match or support her soul's calling. She also tried many healing modalities until she had her transformation to be free of old pain and connect to and radiate from her limitless feminine heart. 

They have found what truly works, and unite their wisdom and Love into one incredibly well structured and effective mentorship program. Within a couple of months, they teach and guide you how to let go of any suffering and start living life with deeper joy, happiness, abundance, freedom, and optimum health.  There are not enough words to describe the incredible levels of expansion you will feel and experience. 

Laura (meet your mentors) 1080x1080.jpeg


Start Working with Us Now

The mentorship program is 3 months long. And can be taken as a single or as a couple together. You are also able to choose to become a certified coach so you can do what we do and guide others to an extraordinary life.


The Magic You are Looking for is in the Work You are Avoiding.

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