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[Last revised: 08 January 2022]

This Privacy Policy explains in simple and clear terms how Become Alive collects, uses, shares, and stores personal information obtained through the site/service/product. The terms "the company", "we", "us", and "our" used in this Privacy Policy refer to Become Alive. The terms "you", "customer(s)", "they" and "user(s)" refer to everyone that has created an account with Become Alive. When we ask our users for their various personal information, it is because we are required by law to collect this information or it is needed for a specific purpose. Any information you provide that is marked "non-required" is done voluntarily. You reserve the right to provide us with this non-required information or not. However, you may not be able to fully utilize some of our services if you fail to provide non-required information.

By making use of the site/product/services, you give consent to the practices described in this Privacy Policy. On several occasions, Become Alive may be required to update or revise this policy to reflect a change in law or that of your personal information collection and use. If the need arises for material changes to be made to this policy, the various changes will be announced on our website. We will reserve the right to change the content of our Privacy Policy to match any future regulatory needs or other necessary measures which arises and users will need to stay updated via website updates to find the company's most recent policy documentation.

This Privacy Policy incorporates elements from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as we try to act in accordance with the personal information processing rules within the European Economic Area (EEA) framework.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. By visiting and using the site/product/service, you agree that your use of our Site, and any dispute over privacy, is governed by this Privacy Policy. In an effort to comply with changes in technology, and the adoption of new regulations and laws, we may need to change our Policy at some point in the future, in which case we'll post the changes to this Privacy Policy on this website and update the Effective Date of the policy to reflect the date of the changes. By continuing to use the Site after we post any such changes, you accept the Privacy Policy as modified.

We may collect and store personal or other information that you voluntarily supply to us online while using the Site/Services/Products.

The Site/Service/Product only contacts individuals who specifically request that we do so or in the event that they have signed up to receive our messaging, attended one of our events, or have purchased one of our products. The Site/Services/Products collects personally identifying information from our users during online registration and online purchasing. Generally, this information includes name and email address for registration or opt-in purposes and name, postal address, and credit card information when registering for our events or purchasing our products. All of this information is provided to us by you.

We also collect and store information that is generated automatically as you navigate online through the Site. If you have accessed our site via a social media platform, such as Facebook, we may collect information related to your social media account, such as your handle or identifier on that platform. We also may use a standard feature found in browser software called a "cookie" to enhance your experience with the Site, and web beacons, to access cookies, count users who visit the Site, or open HTML-formatted email messages.

We use the information we collect from you while you are using the Site in a variety of ways, including using the information to customize features; advertising that appear on the Site; and, making other offers available to you via email, direct mail or otherwise. We also may provide your information to third parties, such as service providers, contractors and third-party publishers and advertisers for a variety of purposes. Unless you inform us in accordance with the process described below, we reserve the right to use, and to disclose to third parties, all of the information collected from and about you while you are using the Site in any way and for any purpose, such as to enable us or a third party to provide you with information about products and services.

Please keep in mind that whenever you voluntarily make your personal information available for viewing by third parties online that information can be seen, collected and used by others besides us. We cannot be responsible for any unauthorized third-party use of such information.

Some of our third-party advertisers and ad servers that place and present advertising on the Site also may collect information from you via cookies, web beacons or similar technologies. These third-party advertisers and ad servers may use the information they collect to help present their advertisements, to help measure and research the advertisements' effectiveness, or for other purposes. The use and collection of your information by these third-party advertisers and ad servers is governed by the relevant third-party's privacy policy and is not covered by our Privacy Policy. Indeed, the privacy policies of these third-party advertisers and ad servers may be different from ours. If you have any concerns about a third party's use of cookies or web beacons or use of your information, you should visit that party's website and review its privacy policy.

The Site/Product/Service also includes links to other websites and provides access to products and services offered by third parties, whose privacy policies we do not control. When you access another website or purchase third-party products or services through the Site, use of any information you provide is governed by the privacy policy of the operator of the site you are visiting or the provider of such products or services.

Please also note that as our business grows, we may buy or sell various assets. In the unlikely event that we sell some or all of our assets, or one or more of our websites is acquired by another company, information about our users may be among the transferred assets.

Personal Information Our Company Collects
Members may be asked to provide certain personal information when they sign up for our Products or Services including name, address, telephone number, billing information (such as a credit card number), and the type of personal computer being used to access the Services. The personal information collected from Members during the registration process (or at any other time) is used primarily to provide a customized experience while using our Products and Services. The information you provide to us will never be disclosed, traded, licensed or sold to a third party. However, there are specific instances, described below, where your information could be provided to a known third party.

When you use our Platform, we automatically collect information about you, including:

Date of account creation, Date of account updates, IP address, Device type, Time stamp, Operating system, Browser, Email open clicks, Login history, Order details, Location, Language, Country, Timezone, Sign-up source, etc.

The above personal information may be used for the following purposes:


  • To operate, improve, or promote our Service

  • To contact you

  • To monitor and analyze trends

  • To market our products and services

We gather data via this assessment in order for our users to raise awareness about themselves. We do use this data for marketing purposes, and as part of a recommendation tool.

We may access, preserve, and disclose information about you to third parties, including the content of messages, if we believe disclosure is in accordance with, or required by, applicable law, regulation, legal process, or audits. We may also disclose information about you if we believe that your actions are inconsistent with our Terms of Use or related guidelines and policies, or if necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of, or prevent fraud or abuse of, Company or others.

Third Parties
For ease of use, you are also given the option to link your account on the Site/Service/Product with your account on a third-party site such as, for example, Facebook. The third party site will authenticate your identity, will allow you to log into our Site/Service/Product using the single social login buttons, and will share certain personal information that you allow us to collect. If you do login through a third party account like Facebook, we share some information with them and they share some information with us but only for purposes of accessing your account. What is shared with us by the third party sites depends on their Privacy Policy. We would advise that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of the third party site to know what information is being shared by them. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Privacy and Terms of Use policies of any other company(ies) whose web sites you may access from our site.

The company makes use of information collected via digital cookies to properly deliver our services and help with identifying users between each session on the website. We use the user's IP address and other unique identifiers stored in a user's browser, known as cookies to properly authorize use of the website's services. With the regulatory requirements in place for the company, user's data provided via cookies will help the company stay in compliance. This information also helps the company with a variety of other functions including compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, increasing website and platform performance and function, empower the company to more easily communicate with users, and enforce the company's terms and conditions, privacy policy and other guidelines.

What We Collect Your Personal Information For
The personal information of our customers we collect and make use of are simply used for the sole reason of achieving the objectives of our business as well as meeting the increasing demands of our various customers. The demands to be met when we make use of your information include but are definitely not limited to these:


  • We may collect and use your personal information to render you the service you require from us in a swift manner.

  • To ensure that your personal account as well as the daily services we render are always up to date and properly maintained.

  • To ensure that any amount (irrespective of how small) owed is paid efficiently and on time

  • To ensure that you are fully aware of the numerous services we render and items we offer that may be of immense benefit to you now and in the future.

  • To ensure that there is an efficient and clear communication path between you and our clients as well as their various needs and demands.

  • To help us keep track of our website as well as the numerous services we render.

  • To keep us informed of any update(s) to our markets and also enable us to update our services as the need arises.

  • To ensure that all decisions we take are in total compliance with the regulations of the various bodies we are under. This includes warrants and court hearings which according to law, we are obligated to meet.

  • To enable us to send across a message to you when the need arises. Usually, we do this via email.

  • To ensure that all your questions are answered and all your requests are met. This is done to ensure that your rights and interests are protected according to the laws of the country.

  • To enable us to assess fraudulent situations and also how we can efficiently handle these situations to prevent future occurrence.

  • To enable us to safeguard our rights as well as our authority to our investments.

It is equally important that you bear in mind that we may request for the personal information of customers that may not have an account with us when they participate in our promos, affiliate programs, cashbacks, and a survey by any means we deem fit. The personal information we request from these visitors is needed to keep them up to date with our services and products that may be of great benefit to them.

Visitors on our website may be allowed to take part in research as it involves the market. If for any reason, we want to put up any of our investments and assets for sale, your personal information may be disclosed in a manner that will not be harmful to you. If for any reason, we are buying an investment or asset, your personal information may be disclosed in a manner that will not be harmful to you. Bear in mind that the details or personal information you provide will be revealed to the potential buyer or seller only.

If in the future we decide to merge or enter into a partnership with another company which will mean merging our databases, you would be notified immediately. We will subsequently notify you if there is any sharing of the personal information that you have given us willingly.

How Your Personal Information Is Stored
Your personal data will be stored in a number of countries around the world, the United States being one of those countries. We are fully aware that each region has legal rules that guide customer privacy and how information is to be stored. The company will adapt accordingly.

Some of the time, when your personal information is sent or revealed to third parties in the course of initiating a transaction, then your personal information may be stored in a completely different location other than that of your country of residence. In situations like this, it would mean that your personal information may be stored in a different location and when it happens, you are fully aware of this as it has been brought to your attention now. If your personal information is stored in another country, this would simply mean that it would be subject to the jurisdiction and legal rules of the country, thus, meaning that your information may not be as protected as it would be if it was stored solely in your country of residence.

To clarify this, the United Kingdom government reserves the right to have unlimited access to your personal information if the need arises. If you have questions about our privacy policies in your jurisdiction, do well to send us a message at

We guarantee that the information you have provided on our website or through any of our applications will not be less secure. Most of the time, the personal information mentioned here could include your personal name or your date of birth. It could also include a plethora of other things like the type of investments you have made and also other types of information you have submitted directly or indirectly to the company while using the services provided. When you provide your personal information either through our website, application or through our employees, you can be confident that all information about you as regards your trading frequency and account balance will never be released but will be kept as private as possible.

The Various Methods We Use To Protect Personal Information
To keep your personal information private, we have taken several measures and also set up electronic communication tools. All personal information in regards to your account is stored in a secure platform on our website and we have backed it up with other additional security systems like the effective firewalls. The security systems used to protect your personal information is the same one used to keep our website secure from malicious hackers.

As part of our policy to protect your personal information, before you access your account, you would have to enter a username that you have picked out earlier during the sign-up process. Also, you would be required to enter a password you had already set up during the sign-up process. Our servers will protect your personal information to the ability of our website. In addition to this, our website has been designed to deny access to individuals that have not been authorized to access the personal information of our users which has been provided during their registration process.

Each personal information you provide is thoroughly scrutinized and this is done to ensure that you are connected to our official website and not a fraudulent or fake one. You can be confident that our employees will only be allowed to access your personal information when the situation arises or when it is needed to render additional services to you. We frequently have our business audited and this is done to ensure that your personal information is protected.

We implement a variety of administrative, managerial, and technical security measures to help protect your personal information. Our Company has various internal control standards which relate specifically to the handling of personal information. These include certain controls to help safeguard the information we collect online. Our employees are trained to understand and comply with these controls and we communicate our Privacy Policy, practices and guidelines to our employees. However, while we strive to protect your personal information, you must also take steps to protect your information. We urge you to take every precaution to protect your personal information while you are on the Internet.

General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR)
The GDPR takes effect on May 25, 2018, and is intended to protect the data of European Union (EU) citizens.
If you are a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA), or are accessing this Site from within the EEA, you have certain rights with respect to your data. We respond to all requests that we receive from individuals who wish to exercise their data protection rights in accordance with applicable data protection laws. You can contact us by sending an email to

Children's Privacy Statement
This children's privacy statement explains our practices with respect to the online collection and use of personal information from children under the age of thirteen, and provides important information regarding their rights under federal law with respect to such information.


  • This Site is not directed to children under the age of thirteen and we do NOT knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of thirteen as part of the Site. We screen users who wish to provide personal information in order to prevent users under the age of thirteen from providing such information. If we become aware that we have inadvertently received personally identifiable information from a user under the age of thirteen as part of the Site, we will delete such information from our records. If we change our practices in the future, we will obtain prior, verifiable parental consent before collecting any personally identifiable information from children under the age of thirteen as part of the Site.

  • Because we do not collect any personally identifiable information from children under the age of thirteen as part of the Site, we also do NOT knowingly distribute such information to third parties. We do NOT knowingly allow children under the age of thirteen to publicly post or otherwise distribute personally identifiable contact information through the Site.

  • Because we do not collect any personally identifiable information from children under the age of thirteen as part of the Site, we do NOT condition the participation of a child under thirteen in the Site's online activities on providing personally identifiable information.

Revisions to this policy
Our Company reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this policy, our Terms Of Use & Service agreement, and our other policies and agreements at any time and in any manner, by updating this posting. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the practices described herein, you may contact us through the contact information provided on this website

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