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We are now aware that as human beings we have multiple bodies. Our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body and our energy body are connected and serve as a highly defined system.

There is a lack of awareness around how sensitive and easily influenced these bodies are and how they are in a constant state of communication and dance with each other.


Every time we experience mental stress or highly emotional situations, our breathing is affected. This results in trauma, and over time it can manifest as chronic illness and disease if not released.

Luckily, deep breathing techniques inclusive of skilful breath retention can push oxygen deep into our cells to open them up and let things come to our consciousness and offer an opportunity to cleanse our system from stored emotions and unprocessed life events.

If not resolved, over time, such stress will translate into symptoms: 


Back pains  


Digestive Issues

Chronic diseases like cancer




I want you to stop reading for a second. And notice your breath….. 

Are you really breathing whilst reading this? 

Your breath right now is likely, not full, but shallow and stagnant somewhere. 



A complete full breath involves your whole body—your chest, belly, back, hips and mind. It takes effort to coordinate all elements of the breath, even though the process seems simple.

When breathing we bring an abundance of oxygen into our system, which makes our cells open up resulting in:



Uncovering of unresolved life events

Clarity of mind 

sState of calmness and bliss

Reconnection with the body 

Release of tension 

That's why I have decided to offer you this program of 11 days emotional detox. This program can be implemented during a life change or recommended to do every 3 months as a tool to let go and shift your current reality. 



What's included?

  • The 11-day program will focus on bringing up emotions and events stored in the subconscious which at times can affect your state, it’s important to you feel ready and well enough to go through this.

  • Self-guided breathing method for 11 days 

  • 3 x 45 minutes group zoom calls to provide support, guidance and answer any questions by me directly 

  • Advice on how to support your emotional detox with nutrition 




  • You will receive a booklet with how to perform the breathing technique

  • Food list for vibrant energies

  • Day 1 - overview and introduction group call via zoom 

  • Day 2-6 -self-guided practice 

  • Day 7  group zoom call 

  • Day 8-10 self-guided practice 

  • Day 11- final group zoom call 


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