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My life began in Germany, in a very well-situated family. Money and the best education were always given, but what was lacking was a safe home. Having gone through a childhood filled with violence, alcoholism, divorces, and pursuing materialistic goals made no sense to me. What did all this gold and luxury mean if there was no love and safety? I ran away from home early, and luckily I was guided by a higher power to be supported. 

I was put onto the TV Show Germanies Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum, became the finalist of the show, and had a stable and guaranteed successful model career. I traveled the world, from magazine shootings in LA, to NY Fashion Week to Tokyo TV commercials. This gave me the independence, to live my life pursuing going wherever I want to go and doing whatever makes me happy. 

For a few years, I was happy with this life because it enabled me to be away from my suppressing upbringing and expand my life experiences, meeting interesting people in fashion and business and being exposed to many different countries and cultures. But spiritually it was not fulfilling or purposeful, it was not why I came to this world for. 

At 26 my life changed completely. I had a terrible horse-riding accident, I survived only by a miracle. I woke up in the hospital with my spine broken in 3 parts and my hips fractured in 7 parts, paralyzed, with no feeling and movement in my legs. That was my first experience with kundalini and its healing powers. I felt nothing but bliss, no matter being paralyzed. I fully accepted the new situation and only felt gratitude for being alive. I refused the surgeries and medications and healed myself, which the doctors told me was impossible. Yet 4 months after my accident I opened a fashion show for Japanese designer Michiko Koshino in high heels. 


But my life had changed, I had experienced firsthand kundalini energy, a bliss that no material desire or outside happiness can bring. I was captivated by my awakening into higher states of being and I felt an immediate realization to share this with others and be of service. 

I stopped my modeling career and started to study my first modality towards helping others heal, I did my 2-year long certification training as a nutrition and health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition followed by a certification training in Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) at the Institute of functional medicine. I parallel did an internship for naturopathy to learn first hand with clients, I then opended my own health care practice in Hong Kong which I ran for 3 years, helping mostly burned out, stressed people in finance and corporate. I mostly guided them through personalized detoxes, gut health reset as well as immunity support for cancer patients. I saw amazing results very fast in my clients but nothing lasted because they did not change their stressful lives and internal landscape. I felt nutrition alone wasn’t why I was here to serve, it was not wholesome to bring true transformations in people's happiness. 

I took a year off to go to Bali and dive deeper into learning, I did my certification as a Yoga teacher at the Practice, then went to my teacher's teacher in Thailand who is 80 years old, a wizard, full of energy and power in his late age. I wanted to learn from him personally. He invited me to assist him with nutrition on his cancer healing retreats and in return taught me all his knowledge about healing which he had learned from living with the Mayans, in Egypt and 13 years in India. I felt and I knew this is the true knowledge and keys to health, happiness, and longevity, the things that aren’t in the textbooks, in school, but that are the true wisdom to be applied. I watched people with end-stage degenerative illnesses return to full health, cancer tumors disappear, addictions and depression, and chronic migraines go away within days and weeks. He introduced me to the chakra system, unresolved emotions in the body, subconscious release guidance, breathwork, and sound healing. What I learned from this wizard I believe no one learns at any prestige university. 

I then embarked on my own deeper journey and went to India, stayed in Sadhgurus ashram, and was personally initiated by him. I had a deeper awakening of kundalini energy and gained more awareness around the nature of this energy, the connection to the divine, and how to access this and teach it. I felt passionate about combining all the vast knowledge and making it into something that people in their daily lives can benefit from. Not to go to the mountains and become a monk but change our lives where we are, in our families, in our hectic messy lives.

I was called by a few clients in Dubai to assist in the healing of cancer and chronic illnesses. I saw the need for my work there because of many people being sick and a lack of alternative healing options. I opened a yoga and inner healing studio where I combined nutrition, detox, breathwork, emotional release, and yoga in 1:1 healing and group programs. After 1 year I made the decision to follow my heart back to Bali as Dubai was not an environment I personally wanted to be in. I missed the nature, fresh air, and healing energy of Bali and a community of like-minded people. Even tho business was going well I had to follow my truth and be in a place I personally thrive. 

The week after I arrived back in Bali Covid-19 happened and global lockdowns. I am so grateful I trusted my inner compass at the right moment as every single place in Dubai had to shut down during Covdid. I decided to transform my programs into online versions and right at the start of this process I met James, my life partner, and soul mate. Turned out he is serving people in the same way and had the same life mission. Our work complimented each other and we knew we were meant to elevate together and bring healing to any person who needed support. 

Since then we have successfully run teacher trainings to certify other healers in our method and helped numerous people find health and happiness through our mentorship program. We also created an online course for people to learn a powerful method to release negative emotions. We now feel it is the right time to build a physical place for deep healing and long-lasting transformations from others. Nutrition and detox is powerful, yet if one isn’t addressing their heart and mind there is no health.


I envision a center where we bring healing on all levels by combining the most effective and powerful methods out there and bringing truly embodied wisdom to every person so that they can further share it with their families.


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