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Help to End Child Trafficking

The most impactful step you can take to end child trafficking is to not watch porn. The next impactful step you can take is to donate to individuals, groups and organisations that actively take kids our of trafficking.


Sex trafficked children are next to chocolate and fashion the biggest industry worldwide. It generates over 13 billion dollars per year. An estimate of over a million children is trafficked right now. Most children are used for child pornography and forced to stay in this until way into adult life. The so seemingly pleasureful erotic acts are often based on having to perform with a gun held up behind the camera. It only happens because the demand is there. The biggest consumer market is the United States.

In Southeast Asia, like Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia, it is very common that parents rent out their young children for Sex. As a means to support the family is jobs and education aren’t present. Here in Bali, about 300 children are being forced to beg on the street all day in the heat, next to the busy highways for money. If they received too little parents willingly rent them out for the night in order to pay their rent and living costs. 

There are a few organizations here that take kids and mothers from the streets, provide them a safe place to sleep, and educate them in some simple skills to give them the opportunity to earn income in a different non-harmful way. 

The reality tho of some of these places is very sad tho. No psychological care, no trauma work, no structure, no meaningful education so they can change their future and the trafficking habits of their family lines. Sometimes the best they get is to sleep with 10 other kids on a mattress in a room and receive two rice meals a day...


There is still so much to do to provide these children that survive sex tourism a proper deserved childhood, emotional attention, and fruitful education to enable them a sustainable life. This is what this page is designed for. To collectively raise money to facilitate these:

Provide a Peaceful Home

With loving caretakers where children feel free and safe.

Support Emotional Healing

To release trauma and positively change their lives.

Educate and Integrate

To ensure they will never have to sell themselves or be sold for money.

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Every single donation makes a difference. Give as much as your heart tells and your wallet allows. We will make sure that your love and support are received and used properly.

*Don't have PayPal? 

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