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Embrace Your Healing Journey with Jenya

Transform Trauma and Anxiety into Strength and Balance.


Navigate Beyond Trauma and Anxiety:
Uncover Strength and Balance
Subconscious Guidance

In a world where childhood traumas, relationship struggles, and the challenges of co-dependency and people-pleasing are all too common, you are not alone. These deeply rooted experiences often manifest as persistent anxiety, unfulfilled potential, and strained relationships, impacting both personal and professional lives.


Discover the transformative power of healing with Jenya. Her approach transcends traditional coping mechanisms, guiding you through a journey of self-discovery and healing that delves deep into the subconscious mind.

Discover the Power Within

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Heal from

Childhood Trauma

Begin the journey of healing from past wounds, and liberate yourself from the shadows of trauma.

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Break Free from Co-Dependency

Learn to establish healthy boundaries and build relationships rooted in mutual respect and self-love.

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Reclaim your power by understanding the patterns of people-pleasing and embracing the freedom of being your authentic self.

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Manage Anxiety
with Confidence

Develop strategies to manage and overcome anxiety, paving the way for a more serene and empowered life.

Jenya's personalized guidance is tailored to address these core areas, helping you not only to heal from past traumas but also to build a foundation for a life filled with joy, balance, and freedom. Her compassionate and empathetic approach provides a safe space for profound emotional healing and personal growth.

Are you ready to transform your pain into power and embrace a life of true well-being?

Meet Jenya:

Your Compassionate Guide Through Emotional Healing

Like many, my journey through life began amidst challenges. From the upheavals of my parents' divorce, facing physical and emotional abuse, to the struggles of adapting to a new country, my childhood was marked by traumas that left deep imprints. I learned early on to mask my emotions, seeking solace in food, entertainment, and later, in fleeting relationships. This quest for love and acceptance saw me trapped in a cycle of people-pleasing, spiraling into depression when efforts went unacknowledged, and leaving me feeling unlucky in life. But a pivotal moment came when I chose to break this cycle. Seeking help led me on a profound healing journey, exploring various modalities until I discovered the transformative approach that resonated deeply with me. Releasing suppressed emotions, I began to reconnect with my true Self, transforming my pain and suffering into wisdom and growth.


Professional Development and Mission


Guided by my mentors and coaches, I completed my teacher training, equipping myself with the tools not just for personal healing, but to assist others on similar paths. Today, as a dedicated emotional intelligence and subconscious healing guide, it's my mission to help others navigate through their traumas to a healthier, happier life. My approach is compassionate, holistic, and deeply personal, reflecting my own journey and the lessons learned along the way.




In my practice, I focus on healing childhood and relationship traumas, addressing co-dependencies and people-pleasing tendencies, and managing anxiety. Whether you're seeking to heal from past wounds or looking to build more fulfilling relationships, my goal is to guide you towards reclaiming your power and living a life of true emotional freedom.

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Connect with me


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What My Clients Say



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How It Works: Unlocking the Power of Your Mind

Our sessions delve deep into the realms of your subconscious, using a blend of proven techniques and personalized strategies. By tapping into various states of consciousness like Theta and Delta wave frequencies of your mind, we unlock creative solutions and self-guidance that resonate with your unique path. This journey is not just about overcoming obstacles; it's about unlocking your full potential.

In these sessions, we also emphasize the importance of understanding and integrating your emotional experiences. By fostering a deeper connection with your inner self, we facilitate a transformative process that extends beyond the conscious mind. This holistic approach not only aids in resolving current challenges but also equips you with the tools and insights needed for continued personal growth and emotional resilience. As you journey with us, you'll discover new perspectives and strengths, leading to a life of greater fulfillment and harmony.

Key Areas
of Focus

  • Childhood and Relationship Trauma Healing: Navigate and heal from the complex wounds of childhood and relationship traumas. My approach facilitates deep emotional release, allowing you to move beyond past hurts towards a more empowered and peaceful present.

  • Co-dependency Recovery: Discover your path to independence and self-reliance. Jenya’s sessions are focused on breaking the patterns of co-dependency, guiding you towards establishing healthier, more balanced relationships.

  • Overcoming People-Pleasing: Transform the need to please others into self-empowerment. I assist you in recognizing and changing people-pleasing behaviors, encouraging you to prioritize your well-being and find joy in your authenticity..

  • Anxiety Management: Learn to effectively manage and alleviate anxiety with my guidance. My techniques focus on understanding the root causes of your anxiety and equipping you with practical tools to regain control and find serenity.


Every session with Jenya is uniquely crafted to align with your individual needs and aspirations. Guided by deep intuition and experience, Jenya employs a variety of gentle yet powerful techniques to facilitate positive transformations in your life. Embrace this opportunity to connect with your Self and make meaningful changes, guided by a coach who is deeply attuned to the nuances of your emotional journey. Book a call today and take the first step towards a more fulfilling and balanced life.


Duration: 90 - 120 Minutes

Available: Online / In-person

First-Time Client Discount: We're delighted to welcome new clients with a special 10% discount on their first session - Regularly $180, Now only $162


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