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'Un-Parent Yourself

Parenting Course

Welcome to ALIM: A Life In Miracles

The First Most Practical and Easiest Course in Love and Happiness

Un-Learn Everything You Know, Unleash the Power Within, Become Aligned with your highest Self, and be able to guide your children through life aligned with their most authentic Self instead of passing on your own suffering and pain. 

We carry an enormous amount of conditioning with us, from the society/culture/religion we grew up in, the school we went to as well as how our parents raised us. Have you noticed that personality treats, health issues, habits, addictions repeat themselves over generations? This is because of our believes, what we learnt when we were young we took as fact and now our mind and body functions on autopilot. This is a good thing as we can easily take over amazing pre tested things we learnt as a collective over hundreds of years and not waste time on learning all of it from scratch again with all it's try and errors. But it becomes problematic when we automatically take over unhealthy habits and mindsets. Trauma runs in family lines until one person is ready to stop, reflect, re-evaluate, make corrections, heal and transform to who he/she was meant to be before life happened. 

This is what the “A Life In Miracles Course” is about. It guides you through all of your conditioning, sub-conscious patterns, and learnt emotional reactions to filter out what you can let go off. It is not about learning something new but rather un-learning everything that doesn’t serve your true Self. To optimize your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional well being is the target. Bringing you back to unconditional love is the target.


When you clear out the garbage you carry within you, there is space created for love, joy, happiness, courage and inner peace. You will be returned to the highest but natural state of beingness all of us humans are capable of experiencing, which is in flow with life, with unleashed blissful and cosmic energies running though you and in experience of lifes’ miracles. 

Being liberated from your suffering and reaching a high state of your true Self is the biggest gift you can give to your child. 

In this course we do not tell you about conscious parenting. We are not going to speak about children at all. The main and only work and focus will be on YOU. When you remove your shortcomings and inner conflict you will be the most amazing parent your child can have. It’s not about becoming a different you or a better you. It’s about simply becoming AUTHENTICALLY and PURELY YOU. You are LOVE, You are a MIRACLE, your soul is eternal and pure. The course aims at bringing this into your experience and reality. 


It is a Parenting Course on Un-Parenting Yourself.

In the ALIM: A Life In Miracles Course you will be guided to let go of:
  • Shame

  • Guilt

  • Apathy

  • Grief

  • Fears

  • Desires

  • Anger 

  • Pride

Are you choosing to be the one to heal generational passed down traumas and suffering?

We are ready to guide you through this amazing and deep journey. 

Choose the Payment Option Yourself
We want this course to be available for as many people as possible despite the difference in financial abilities. That's why various flexible payment plans have been created to allow you to follow both what your heart says and your wallet allows at that moment.
I'm Struggling Financially


If you are struggling to make ends meet but looking for a way to change it and find abundance and happiness then this option is for you.
My Financial Situation Could Be Better


If your income is lower than usual, yet you still have it stable on monthly basis but you are looking for fundamental changes, then this affordable price is for you.
My Financial Situation is Ok


If your financial situation is ok but you feel some resistance to pay the full price, this option is for you.
My Financial Situation is Good


Pay the Full Price of the Course because you value our dedicated work to help you evolve (which can help millions of more people) if your financial situation is good and you can afford it now.
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