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Pregnancy Program

Are you aware that your baby's development is directly impacted by the food you consume, your movement, thoughts and emotions?


As you go through your pregnancy, each stage corresponds to different organs being formulated in your baby.


For example, the brain builds in the first trimester, whereas the formation and strength of the bones happen in the last 6 weeks of the pregnancy. 


By paying attention to nutrition and fine-tuning diet and supplements during different stages we can assist your baby's development needs, positively impacting their growth and support their immunity. 


Furthermore, the care of your baby's development during pregnancy is not just solely down to food. Your inner well being is detrimental and serves as an emotional foundation for the baby's state. 


Every thought and emotion you has a reaction in the body. Your baby swims in water that carries the frequency of your energy. If you are angry, anxious, stressed or relaxed, joyful and happy it all has an impact on your child's’ future wellbeing. 


Taking care of your baby's health during pregnancy is just as important as taking care of your child after they are born. 


This is why I have decided to design this course, where I can share amazing knowledge about how the body functions during pregnancy and all the support necessary using nutrition, guided meditations and relaxation techniques to a happy and healthy pregnancy. 



this course includes: 

  • An educational guide on the development of your baby 

  • foods and herbs to support yours and your babies wellbeing 

  • detailed supplement list 

  • guided meditations to get you to a deep state of bliss and connection with your baby

  • Releasing negative emotions like fears, anger, lack of self worth so you will not pass traumas onto your child.  

  • Breathing techniques as a powerful tool for birth

  • breastfeeding support

  • weaning foods - what to feed your baby for optimal development and immunity

  • Bi-weekly zoom calls (drop in and out as you see fit)



  • A PDF guide with all the information necessary 

  • Food and supplement lists

  • guided meditation videos

  • guided breathing techniques for birth preparation 

  • bi-weekly zoom calls where I can answer any questions/support you throughout your pregnancy 



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