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Explore our digital products designed to support your journey towards greater awareness and emotional intelligence. Find tools to elevate your consciousness and well-being.

Map of Emotions

Elevate your emotional intelligence with our comprehensive Map of Emotions. This unique tool correlates emotions with the levels of consciousness identified by David Hawkins, helping you distinguish between states of Falsehood and Truth. By understanding where your feelings fall on the spectrum of consciousness, you can gain insight into your perception of the world and identify areas for personal growth. Whether you seek to transcend negative emotions or cultivate positive ones, this map is an invaluable resource on your inner journey. Empower yourself to navigate your emotional landscape and achieve greater self-awareness with our Map of Emotions.

Map of Emotions

€ 26,00Price
    • File Format: PDF
    • Print Quality: This high-resolution PDF can be printed without losing quality, ensuring a beautiful and clear representation of the Map of Emotions.
    • File License: Personal use license included with purchase.
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