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The People Around You Need You!

We do not have to go to Africa or India to find hardship. People right around you, even in western countries, suffer. 

Depression, sexual abuse, home violence, single moms close to burnout, cancer patients… This is happening all around us. It is time we become more aware and more involved to make a change.


We have a 12-month program that consists of 2 fundamental parts: Self Healing and Helping Others.

Self Healing: In the first 6 months we guide people deeply through letting go of emotional suffering to reach a different reality of living. Our work is based on Dr. David Hawkins' Map Of Consciousness and in 1:1 sessions we guide people to the subconsciousness to remove the pain at its roots. Our methods are practically proven to help people be released from all suffering to reach a state of inner peace, joy, and love. Once inner liberation and removal of personal traumas have happened it gives them an opportunity to become a coach and help others through similar situations.

Helping Others: We pass on all our knowledge, methodologies, and materials to help people to re-discover stability and harmony in their lives and be sustained through purpose-driven, heart-guided work to help other people in need while earning an income. Most people who come to us have lost their jobs and are struggling financially. At the end of the program, our students are able to help others, share their inner happiness, radiate abundance, and, with our guidance, get their own clients. As the old proverb says: 'Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.' 

We help as much as we can but if you look at the statistics, millions of people suffer from depression. COVID-19 has tripled the rate of depression in US adults in all demographic groups, especially in those with financial worries. Suicides worldwide increased at least 200% and domestic violence and sexual abuses - by 50-100%. We have set up this page to scale our work to bring more support and love to as many souls as possible. You donate, we do the work. Together we can make a difference.


‘I am desperately unhappy. I have so much I cannot deal with. I feel so broken and like an utter failure. My ex-husband is abusive. He has not paid anything in 2 years, I am raising our 2 children all by myself. Tomorrow my son has surgery to remove his tumor, he is 10 years old and has cancer. How does life do this? But it’s fascinating for me to see you and James in so much acceptance, and relinquish yourself to a simple and peaceful life. How do we do this? What really touches me is your way of dealing with similar childhood traumas as mine. My abuse is so deep. I am trying to do all and be a wise parent, but it’s so fucking hard, endless obstacles, single parenting during covid, so much responsibility. I want to learn from you, I have no money but I need this path, a way to change reality. I need massive changes.’ 

Anonymous Woman, Hong Kong

‘I have a complex and dark situation. I am extremely unhappy. I was raised in a broken home. A lot of abuse from my grandfather, I got pregnant from him. My daughter is now 15. All my life I carry this pain and struggle. Meditation and Yoga kept me alive and helped me forgive. But when I read your posts Laura I know there is still pain in me, trauma. To fully free myself I need to do your training. I am a heart person, an empath. Serving others in healing is my only goal and purpose. I am clear on this. This training is what is exactly written for my life. I do not know how to pay for it as during covid I lost my job, could’t afford my apartment anymore. Things are not looking good but I know this program you have is for me.’

Anonymous Woman, Freiburg, Germany

‘I suffer from depression. It is bad. It is all dark.  I took an overdose a few times to end my life. Somehow I woke up in a hospital, they emtied my stomach. My relationship with my parents was never close, relationships with girlfriends I had never worked out. I seemed to run away, hurt people tho I love them, it ended in drama. My situation is messed up. I feel I am not living my own life, a happy and stable life. I tried a psychologist, this talking didn't work, my pain is inside, I need help from the inside. I want to try your program, it sounds like you can help really remove the darkness. I am ready, I don’t know any other way.’

Anonymous Man, Munich, Germany


We as a community must do everything we can to support one another. By donating you enable someone suffering from depression, abuse, and trauma to do our program that they cannot afford. By donating you make it possible for us to scale our facilitators in multiple countries and languages so that many more people can receive help. 

Help Someone in Need

Help someone take our program to heal emotionally.

Scale Our Work

Help us expand our team of coaches so more people receive help.

Help to End Child Abuse

Help us provide trauma work to kids of child trafficking.

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Every single donation makes a difference. Give as much as your heart tells and your wallet allows. We will make sure that your love and support are received properly by those in need.

*Don't have PayPal? 

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