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Live fearlessly,
Live guiltlessly,
Live without anger or grief.

Welcome to the life of better relationships, conflict-free partnerships and independence from dependency.  Welcome to the A LIfe In Miracles Course (ALIM), the fastest and most effective training in the Let Go  Method.

On completion of the 30-Day 'A LIFE IN MIRACLES' Course, you will have completely changed your experience of life, to one of total security and limitless capacity for happiness. You will master probably the most valuable skill any human being can learn, and in doing so begin the discovery of who you truly are. You will reveal to yourself what you need to learn to achieve and the power to achieve it, without struggle, pain, or fear. You will learn the method to overcome all obstacles and become capable of wielding the limitless power within all of us. A Power that so few ever dare to unlock.  

Meet One of the Experts in the Course

Hello, I am Ben..

..and I spent 25 successful and very stressful years in  finance running a high lifestyle that nearly crippled me. Cardiovascular disease runs in my family, as does anxiety and depression, but we didn't call it that.  So for 30 years, I abused myself with food and drink and tobacco and tried to disabuse my depression with self-help programs in a nauseating cycle Monday to Sunday, becoming ever more self-sabotaging, self-hating, self-judging, and riddled with shame and anxiety as the failures to fix stacked up.  

This is me then

On the morning of a last-minute heart surgery, one which an acclaimed surgeon in HK insisted was my only hope,  an angel (of sorts) called me and begged me to try this one thing first.  That friend introduced me to what I now know was Consciousness work and after 5 years of work and experiementation with many modalities, I found this method, the absolute best and by best I mean the fastest route to freedom.   So I immediately started preparing to share it and now I offer this simple, powerful and proven technique in the form of a course that will change what you believe is possible for you.   I hope you try it and start living free of fear, shame, guilt, anger, and pride (if you want that is)  glowing from the inside, and helping others, and the world, just by being the miraculous and unlimited you.    Let us begin right now...

In the 30-Day ALIM Course You are Going to Learn:


How to Completely Remove Fear and Anxiety from Your Daily Life


How to Release Conflicts in Relationships


How to Become Free from Compulsive Behavior


How to Live Free from Shame, Guilt, and self-Judgement


How to Identify and Discard the False and Discover Your True Self


How to Let Go of Any Unwanted Attachments 

Our Outer World is a Perfect Reflection of Our Inner World. Change is Only Possible from Within...

Why the Course is Effective?

Easy Integration With Everyday Life

The Method, used in ALIM Course is available for you 24/7. And it works instantly. The beauty of the method is that it works all the time as you go about in the world. It helps easily and quickly solve any practical problems you come in touch with daily. There is only 1 requirement: Accomplish the course to guarantee that the Method will start working automatically for you.

The Course Teaches the Only method to Un-Learn and Release
Any Old Consciousness Programs

No matter how hard you try, when you learn new programs, they are weakened by the fact that they are canceled out by thousands of your old programs that negate it. Even if you let your Desire go, there are other things like Shame, Guilt, Grief, Fear, Pride, and so on. The methodology of the ALIM Course un-brainwashes you, un-programs fully. It has no new programs on it. There are no metaphysical teachings ALIM Course provides, there are no new programs at all. It's an effective technique to un-program ourselves.

You Will Learn Methods that Work Effortlessly and Continuously

The beauty of the ALIM Method is that it works continuously. When something happens that creates Desire, Shame, Guilt, Anger or Fear it can be instantly released and transcended. No new programs are accumulated as old ones are disposed of when they arise. The application of these techniques precisely as they are needed in the moment is also a cleansing and rewiring process for permanent change. As time progresses you free yourself of destructive attachments, all negativity, and falsehood, and occupy at greater length states of Peace, happiness, and empowerment.

Choose the Price You are Willing to Pay for Your Teaching
This course needs to be available to as many people as possible despite the difference in financial abilities. That's why four self-certified payment options are offered.
Like life, It is up to you to pick which scenario best reflects your situation.  (If you can't pay right now but can commit to the effort, then message me
Choose Payment Option - Ben
I'm Struggling Financially


If you are struggling to make ends meet but looking for a way to change it and find abundance and happiness then this option is for you.
My Financial Situation Could Be Better


If your income is lower than usual, yet you still have it stable on monthly basis but you are looking for fundamental changes, then this affordable price is for you.
My Financial Situation is Ok


If your financial situation is ok but you feel some resistance to pay the full price, this option is for you.
My Financial Situation is Good


Pay the Full Price of the Course because you value our dedicated work to help you evolve (which can help millions of more people) if your financial situation is good and you can afford it now.
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