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Next Teacher Training starts August 1st. Only few spots left!

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and learn the most powerful tools to stand out in the industry

Learn why Emotional Healing is the #1 Skill to Rapidly Transform People's Lives and Create an Ever-increasing Income Stream For You!

Unlock the Secrets of becoming an Emotional Health Teacher with our FREE Mind-Expanding Masterclass

Our Teacher Training Program is not just for those who want to teach;

it's for individuals who are ready to rise up, harness their purpose, heart energy, and passion to create extraordinary change.

This Teacher Training is for you if you want to

Learn the most efficient techniques to let go of mental-emotional health diseases

Release problems at its roots - go deep to the core of trauma and unprocessed pain

Reach advanced states of consciousness and increase the quality of life and relationships

Guide others to more happiness and joy

Be location independent and work from anywhere

Learn how to stand out in your business and beat financial pressure

The emotional health niche is booming and your time is NOW. This is the perfect time for you to become a certified emotional health coach

Become an Emotional Health Coach Teacher Training

Our comprehensive Teacher Training program is designed to equip you with the most powerful tools and knowledge to stand out in the industry as an Emotional Health Coach.


Join us for a transformative journey where you'll learn essential coaching techniques, deepen your understanding of emotional intelligence, and gain practical skills to support others on their wellness journey.

Price: €4200 for 3 months

The early bird price is €3700 (available until July 15th, 2023) 

Explore our other Programs


7 Days to Clarity:
Learn / Re-evaluate to Meditate

Join our 7-day program where we guide you through the basics of original meditation taught by sages. It can be both useful for those who is new to meditation and advanced.


Discover the power of mindfulness and bring awareness to your daily life. Learn how to transcend any fears and manifest what you need in your life without any effort.

Price: Free

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11-Day Emotional Detox

Release suppressed emotions and cleanse your body through this unique and powerful 11-day breathwork journey.


Explore the connection between your emotional well-being and physical symptoms. Let us guide you through the process of healing and transformation.

Feels like it's time to detox your physical body? Check out our complete Body Detox and Brain Detox starting from €19.

Price: €39

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Subconscious Healing Therapy

Experience the profound benefits of our transformative Subconscious Healing Therapy sessions.


Tap into the depths of your subconscious mind to access states of creativity, intuition, and self-guidance. Overcome stress, anxiety, and emotional blocks, and unlock your limitless potential. Shift your reality, find healing, and manifest the life you truly want.

Price: €250

for 90-120 minute online session. Results guaranteed.


ALIM: A Life in Miracles Online Course

Change your experience of life, to one of total security and limitless capacity for happiness. You will master the most valuable method any human being can learn, and in doing so begin the discovery of who you truly are. You will reveal to yourself what you need to learn and the power to achieve it, without struggle, pain, or fear.


With the method you will learn in the course, you will be able to overcome all obstacles and become capable of wielding the limitless Power within all of us - a Power that so few ever dares to unlock. 

Price: €399

Meet the founders

James is a dedicated explorer of healing and personal growth, driven by a profound quest to understand his true self and the nature of suffering in the world. Through a transformative journey of reconnecting with his Higher Self and learning from renowned teachers, James has overcome the limitations of the ego and emerged in a state of unconditional love, divine connection, and inner peace.


Drawing from his own experiences, James guides others on a simple yet powerful path towards advanced states of consciousness, offering a transformative navigation to reach the same profound state of beingness

Creator of the ALIM Method and Expert in Emotional Intelligence, Subconscious Healing Guidance, and Spiritual Growth with 10+ Years of Professional Experience.


Hi, I am James

Emotional Intelligence Coach, Sound Healing, Subconscious Healing Sessions, Expert in Nutrition & Health with 10+ Years of Professional Experience.

Drawing from a diverse background encompassing various healing modalities, including Functional Medicine, Hatha Yoga, and Breathwork, Laura discovered the true essence of freedom from past pain when she encountered the transformative work of Dr. David Hawkins. Today, Laura is honored to share her limitless feminine heart, offering deep healing sessions rooted in the Map of Consciousness.


Guided by extensive knowledge and boundless compassion, Laura creates a nurturing and safe space for you to release and embrace profound transformation to dive into a journey of healing, growth, and limitless possibilities.


Hi, I am Laura


Book a Discovery Call with Us

Are you ready to take the next step towards becoming an Emotional Health Coach? Get in touch with us today and unlock the possibilities of a fulfilling and transformative career. Let us guide you through the details of our teacher training program, answer your questions, and help you make an informed decision. Don't wait for someday in the future, seize this opportunity now and join us on a journey of personal growth, purposeful work, and making a positive impact. Book your discovery call today and start your transformational path.

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