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Welcome to My Detox Offerings for Spring-Summer 24

Doors to Join the Guided Group Detoxes
are open all the time!

Purchase Now and Take It Anytime
You can take the Detox at your own pace and start any day that suits you best. Everything is provided to you by written detox guidelines and demonstration videos so that you can conveniently follow along on your own terms and lifestyle. You will be added to the private detox group to benefit from the group support and also to speak with me directly for personal assistance. You just have to sign up until the end of this month.


Every Pain and Physical Symptom has an Unresolved Emotion at Its Root. Let me guide you through this very Unique and Powerful Breathwork Journey to Cleanse Your Body from unprocessed Life Situations and release suppressed Emotions.  


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Get Rid of Toxins, Stored Fats, Inflammation, Improve Sleep, Skin and Mood. Expect an Increase in Immunity, Energy and Rejuvenation of Your Body


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Everyone who eats fish has mercury toxicity.

Classic detoxes cannot remove metals, it requires specific herbs. Detoxify your brain from heavy metals, increase focus, memory, and brain health. Recommended to anyone who consumes fish!


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Join me on the full experience to Remove any unwanted garbage, physically as well as emotionally, and make a massive move towards embodying the best version of yourself.

This package includes all 3 Detoxes. Taken together it maximizes the results you are thriving for.

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Hi, I am Laura

Expert in Nutrition & Health, Conscious Parenting, and Yoga Teacher with 10+ Years of Professional Experience.

After many years of being a nutritionist and helping hundreds of people with diet, illness prevention, and reversal I noticed in myself and in my clients that no matter how clean and healthy the diet, if we have pain in our heart and unhealthy thoughts in our mind we are not truly well. Since then I did further training in emotional and mental well being, which in my belief is the key to true health and a joyful life. My passion is to guide you through the layers of your inner landscape and break any limitations that are holding you back from reaching your greatness. 

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