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Do you remember the last time you were GRATEFUL?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The more gratitude we have to life, people, events, our Self, and most importantly, to God, the happier and more fulfilled we are.

We are all united by a significant thing - the ability to help and support each other. And this must become our conscious choice if we choose to be truly happy!

Somewhere deep inside, each of us from time to time asks (often even unconsciously) such question: How would I manage my time if there was my last day on Earth?

Ask yourself this question right now: what for and why do your life and make this or that decision?

If you ask me personally, I will immediately tell you that I love to help people because it gives me true peace and joy. Some time ago I came to one of the biggest realizations of my life which struck me like lightning. I am truly happy when I give my love unconditionally with no judgment whatsoever and anything I create in my life must come from the heart and have no harm to any living thing. It is unselfish help to others, living for the common good that makes us happy, fulfilled, and complete. No matter what the outside situation and circumstances are, in the constant shifts and changes of life, if we focus on and are sincere about cultivating love we have constant guidance like a compass with us.

I feel more than ever we need this right now, we have the ability to question, to wake up, and to make conscious choices.

The time has come when you can look at your life from the other side. It’s time to be grateful to your family and friends, begin to be inspired by who you are, perfectly created by God Himself, and what you have in life: your unique experience and valuable knowledge, for example, which only you can share with those in need.

Someone said to me yesterday that I am a leader, and it felt odd at first, I never saw myself as a leader, and what I defined as a leader would have been someone with a big audience, in a high-rank position, either a politician or someone very famous, someone with a huge follower base. The after hearing me being named a leader I felt into this word. I realized that many influencers, celebrities with a big audience, politicians all those so-called ‘leaders’ aren’t leading us anywhere. They project a lot of things and opinions but do they actually lead? Lead towards love, peace, inner happiness, world happiness? I am not saying all, but a lot. A lot of people with a big follower base aren’t actually using their voices for something truly important and meaningful, they aren’t sharing authentic and valuable experiences from their lives that made them become better so other people can learn from their wisdom.

I have received so many messages from people that I bring them a lot of inspiration, reflection, and guidance for their lives. And this truly makes me happy and content. My question to you is are you a leader? Do you have at least 1 follower? Then you have the capacity and opportunity to lead. What wisdom have you gained in your life that when you would start to share this with your 1+ followers they would benefit from and be supported? If you have more than 1 follower then step into your power and use your voice for good and share your light. If you do not have a follower yet in real life or on social media, let me know and I start following you so you can step up into the habit of questioning yourself, what impact am I leaving?

If you are reading this now, then the time has come when you become ready to enter a completely new level of conscious life! The universe itself gives you this sign through this article. Right here and right now. And my eyes, in turn, will begin to shine even brighter with happiness when I observe how you break all the stereotypes, own limitations, and leave your comfort zone, following your heart for your own happiness. Your happiness depends only on you, do not forget about it!

I believe that the more we are happy, the more we give to others, the more willingly the Universe, God opens doors for us on the way to anything. Our whole life is based on the "take-give" balance. The more you give, the more you will receive - this is the law of the Universe!

Undoubtedly, it is very important to realize that all past experience was necessary for your growth, in order for you to be in the place where you are now and at this very time! Always be grateful for all experiences, for all memories, and all events. Remember with joy how many ups and downs you have experienced, like all other people, how many mistakes you have made that gave you an idea of ​​how to proceed and helped you to become the best version of yourself. Do not hold a grudge against whatever happens to you but learn to consider it a fair condition of life for each of us. Accept everything as it is!

Your freedom is your biggest wealth. It’s time to leave behind all the lies we tell ourselves. Because in truth we are one with God, at one with all people, at one with all the creation, in everlasting love and peace. In the heart of each of us, there is a place for another, and this place is limitless. And, of course, it is very important not to forget to be grateful for who we are, what we have.

Remember that true happiness in life, simply, begins with GRATITUDE.

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