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Every Thought is a Cause, and Every Situation is Its Effect.

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Today we will try to comprehend together why what you think, or do, or feel, indicates who and what you are.

The thought is energy. Energy is the capacity for doing something, or in other words, energy is power. And precisely because the world that we were taught to see from early childhood is based on the manifestation of this energy (our thoughts), and not on the energy itself, the world that we see every day is simply limited by the consequences of our thoughts, ignoring or not understanding the reasons for everything that happens.

Life is an expression of our limitless energy, and our main task is to learn to express ourselves harmoniously and constructively. And states of mind such as condemnation, hatred, apathy, unhappiness, illness, and poverty are not necessary. Therefore, our first priority should be liberation, if you will, letting go of all false and destructive states of mind, going beyond our own limitations.

One who has purified his thoughts may not worry about any problems, and one who has realized the law of abundance immediately reaches the source of all life.

Thus, everything that we see around us (who we are in this world) was created by ourselves, with our thoughts, by our collective consciousness, and we continue to create a life around us unconsciously every second. Therefore, it is thoughts that are the cause of everything, and it is over them that we must become masters.


Your true Self is neither a physical body nor even a mind. Both are just the tools you need for your true Self to think, plan, achieve certain goals, and so on. By realizing the truth of this, you will be able to get access to previously unknown power to you.

Your personality is made up of countless individual characteristics, habits, and character traits; they are the result of your previous way of thinking but have nothing to do with your true self. What you imagine yourself to be in your head is your false self, an illusion that you have convinced your self in and continue to be in it. The real nature of your Self is spiritual, and it is the source of real power that comes to people when they finally let go of everything that they have in mind and realize their true essence.

The greatest and most wonderful power that our Self is endowed with is the power of thinking, but few know how to think creatively, constructively. Most people allow their thoughts to focus on selfish goals: an inevitable consequence of destructive thinking. But the moment comes when, with your awareness and maturity, the understanding comes to you that in every egoistic thought there is a grain of defeat.

Every interaction, a relationship should benefit everyone who is involved in any way in it. And any attempt to use the weakness, ignorance or need of another person inevitably will come back negatively to the one who abuses misuse own power. Such is the law of the Universal Mind, if you will.

This happens because we are all one, part of the Universal Mind. The biggest illusion which our own mind convinced us in, is the illusion of separation, opposition, where each person or plant or animal is on its own, and each must fight for itself or against someone else. Try to realize at least for a second how stupid and ridiculous it sounds. Indeed, on the contrary, in truth, the well-being of each and all of the parts depends on their recognition of the interests of the whole. We are all one.

I Can Be Who I Want to Be!

Where do we start? First of all, you need to show a strong intention and start trying!

The result will directly depend on your efforts. If you have any doubts, fears, or insecurities, repeat to yourself, "I can be who I want to be." Have the courage and say again, "I can be who I want to be."

Use this phrase constantly, in the mornings and evenings, whenever you doubt yourself, feel weak or tired; practice it until it becomes part of you. Create yourself such a good habit. After all, what you say is exactly what it is! You can be whoever you want! You are the master of your thoughts and emotions. Do not let them rule you. When you choose to become the master of your life, you will find in within you as many gifts as you cannot even imagine.

By adhering to this idea and being aware of your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, gradually trying more and more, but under no circumstances letting anything take over your Self, you will eventually be able to control yourself.

Then you will realize that the outside world is a simple reflection of your inner world! At that moment you will know that there is a miracle: people and things will respond to your every desire without any visible effort on your part.

Thoughts are Material?!

A Thought is a kind of movement, an energy that vibrates and moves just like light and electricity; it is a product of your true Self, therefore, its nature is creative, spiritual and one with the entire Universe.

How to learn to shape your thoughts the way you truly want? How to find faith within, courage, a feeling that will lead to the realization of thoughts, and the fulfillment of your desires?

And the answer is very simple: by exercise! The power of thought is attained in the same way as the power of the body - by exercise. Exercise diligently and consciously, and then the results will not make you wait...

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