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Your way out of Anxiety & Fear

Your journey to overcome worries, self-doubts, and any insecurities starts here

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Anxiety Doesn’t Just Happen by Accident

Did you know that 9,8 mill working mothers experience burnout and anxiety? Nowhere is the stress greater. So much pressure and for most, relief doesn’t exist! Parenting is tough. Worrying about finances, household, work the list goes on. Leaving us stressed, fearful, and totally disconnected from ourselves and our kids. 

Looking behind those worries, disconnections, and fears will often show us attachments to limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns that keep us stuck in the same unfulfilled life experience.


But there is a way out…..


Relationship Problems

Our inner disconnection creates disharmony in our families, people we love and those who are close to us.

Physical Health Problems

Anxiety creates a lot of tension within our body and leads to many dis-eases.

Desire for Approval

Trying to please others to feel loved is one of the main misconceptions leading us to suffering.


Strong Fear

Anxiety limits us to be ourselves and experience deep joy, love and happiness. 

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This program is for you if

  • You feel stuck and disconnected from yourself and loved ones and want to overcome anxiety, worries, self-doubts, lack of self-worth, co-dependencies, and any insecurities

  • You are tired of being influenced by the negative states of your mind and how it impacts your life

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life, become the creator of your own reality, and heal your inner traumas, instead of being a victim of circumstances

  • You feel there is more to life and you are ready to experience the magic, full potential and power within you while simultaneously being grounded and calm.

How the Journey looks like

Enjoy lifetime access to the most effective technique to un-program ourselves

This program is incredibly well structured into 8 weeks, with a clear roadmap, based on the work of Dr. David Hawkins. You will be shown a clear path to overcoming any form of anxiety. 

Not only is this the way to remove fears but all negative emotions within like, shame, guilt, and anger. The method is very easy to integrate into any busy life and the results are guaranteed. 


You will experience rewiring of your brain which automatically leads to more happiness in every area of your life.

In the 30-Day ALIM Course You are Going to Learn:


How to Let Go of Suffering and
Unleash Unlimited Energy Within


How to Improve Relationships and Release Conflicts


How to Be Healthy and Successful in Anything You Do


How to Get Rid of Old Mind Programs
Stopping You from Greatness


How to Realise Who

You Truly Are


How to Let Go of Attachments and Reach Your True Purposes

Why the Course is Effective?

The Only method to Un-Learn and Release Any Old Consciousness Programs

No matter how hard you try, when you learn new programs, they are weakened by the fact that they are canceled out by thousands of your old programs that negate it. Even if you let your Desire go, there are other things like Shame, Guilt, Grief, Fear, Pride, and so on. The methodology of the ALIM Course un-brainwashes you, un-programs fully. It has no new programs in it. There are no metaphysical teachings ALIM Course provides, there are no new programs at all. It's an un-programing easy and highly effective technique.

What You Learn With Us Will Work Effortlessly and Continuously

The beauty of the ALIM Method is that it works continuously. So, for instance, if something should happen anywhere, anytime, and Desire or any other emotion would arise, it is instantly released, so you are not accumulating any more programs, you are constantly releasing what you have suppressed not only this lifetime but whatever you came into this life with. In time you are able to reach the state of Peace, experiencing just your own beingness, free of any destructive attachments and pain.

Easy Integration With Everyday Life

The Method, used in ALIM Course is available for you 24/7. And it works instantly. The beauty of the method is that it works all the time as you go about in the world. It helps easily and quickly solve any practical problems you come in touch with daily. There is only 1 requirement: Accomplish at least 21 days of the course and we guarantee that the Method will start working automatically for you.

Easy Integration With Everyday Life

Having direct access to a community group will help you to meet new like-minded people, make new friends, and feel an amazingly helpful, and motivational vibe of the group. No matter what part of the world you are in right now, the community is right here to support and help any time.

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Find Out What People Have to Share about the Method Taught in the ALIM Course

Well, I found that the Method is more effective than psychoanalysis, which I'd also done for some years. It is more effective than any form of therapy. The Method allows you to come out of a feeling that may have played you for 20 years and, in an instant, you can accomplish things in moments that would take months or years in therapy. I never saw a more effective method than this in relieving human suffering instantly. And I've done most of the consciousness programs around. This I found to be the purest, in other words, it's a very simple and amazing technique. So you can be angry at somebody for 20 years, and mulling it around with guilt, and trying to forgive, and going through all your mental processes, and the instant you release it, it's gone. It works just marvelously. I had such a fear of heights, I wouldn't get within a block of the Grand Canyon, and now I can seat and the edge and look over, I mean that was a lifetime fear, I mean it was more than a fear, it was a terror, and, in an instant, I could seat on the edge of the Grand Canyon, look down happily, swinging my feet. So anything that can release that intensive fear of many years duration in a few instants, must be a powerful technique.

David R. Hawkins, MD., Ph.D.

Enroll in the ALIM Course
We want this beautiful course to be available to as many people as possible. That's why we have created one of the most complete, practical and affordable course. What you are about to learn will work continuously and effortlessly in any part of your life. Moreover, when you buy the course you directly support the promotion of this valuable knowledge, helping millions of people around the world.
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About Your Coach

I am Beatrix single mother of 2 beautiful children.

Motherhood has been the most rewarding experience of my life, but also the most challenging. I found myself completely unprepared for the sacrifices demanded of me in this new role. Trying to combine motherhood and working in a full-time job led me to sacrifice myself.


Eventually, I became bitter and depressed, almost completely without the desire to live. Rock bottom, for me, looked like constant fights with my kids, feeling completely estranged to my friends and family. I went into a deep joyless depression, and a loneliness that drove me to panic attacks. I felt like I was going crazy, and I became completely desperate for SOMETHING. 


Over the next several years, I went deep into personal work.

Specifically, I focused to help Mums stuck in similar mind-sets as I once was, the mindset that sees Motherhood as 'life on hold' rather than seeing it full of potential for fast-track growth and happiness.

I studied meditation, different breathing techniques, and meditations. I got certified in NLP, timeline therapy, hypnotherapy, and Reiki. I found all of these above methods are great tools but all of them are very time consuming. Not practical for the life of a busy single mum! 


I was searching for something that was fast and highly effective. Something easy. What I found is a method, the absolute best and by best, I mean the fastest route to freedom. So, I immediately started preparing to share it and now I offer this simple, powerful and proven technique in the form of a course that will change what you believe is possible for you.   

Believe in yourself and try it out - start living free of fear, shame, guilt and anger and start glowing from the inside, and help others, and the world, just by being the miraculous and unlimited you.

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Still Have Any Questions or Looking for a Personal Guidance? Get in touch with me.

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