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2021. New Year. New Me.


Hi, I am Laura

Expert in Nutrition & Health, Conscious Parenting and Yoga Teacher with 10+ Years of Professional Experience.

After many years of being a nutritionist and helping hundreds of people with diet, illness prevention and reversal I noticed in myself and in my clients that no matter how clean and healthy the diet, if we have pain in our heart and unhealthy thoughts in our mind we are not truly well. Since then I did further training in emotional and mental well being, which in my belief is the key to true health and a joyful life. My passion is to guide you through the layers of your inner landscape and break any limitations that are holding you back from reaching your greatness. 

At the Workshop

You Will Learn


Why Vision Boards and simply Writing your Goals down DON'T WORK for transformation


How to get clear on the Desires of your heart and Manifest them in your life


How to Unlock Your Limitless Potential and start applying powerful tools of manifestation to your life 

What People Who Worked With Me Say

Every morning I was waking up with immense stress and anxiety. I couldn’t focus on anything and completely lost myself in the daily routine. I was eager for changes in my life but didn’t know what to start with. Then I found Laura’s account on instagram and signed up for the Workshop she was making at that time. I cannot express how much I loved it and how much it helped me. I started 1 on 1 sessions with her. Laura shared very efficient tools and methods, which I started to apply to my life immediately. My life transformed almost on the same day. I have been able to make my first steps towards my true desires, I stopped choosing to be drained and tired and began to glow from the inside, full of energy, and a positive mood. My gratitude towards Laura is limitless.

Gabi, Germany

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