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Holistic Center for Inner Healing, Embodied Spirituality, and Devotional Life

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7% of every sale we give to revitalize deforested areas, help to find solutions to clean the ocean from plastic, help endangered and needy animals. By taking our programs, you are directly involved in good deeds.

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'Bloom With Me'
Your Personalized Yoga Journey

Yoga is a science, designed to elevate your life to the highest possible level while working on breaking through any obstacles and limitations. Yoga that is taught nowadays is entertainment, not traditional science based transformational yoga. We are bringing back traditional teachings to modern people. All taught online for you to access anytime!

'A Life In Miracles' Course to Reach Happiness and Love

This course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence, which is your natural inheritance. Get rid of the garbage and conditioning accumulated in your life, unleash unlimited power and health within, and improve your relationships.

The Most Complete Pregnancy Guidance

The best environment for a baby to thrive is a healthy mothers body. This program will guide you through 3 trimesters of perfect nutrition, including important supplements and meal plans. As well as movement, breathing techniques and meditations to prepare you for birth.

'Un-Parent Yourself' Parenting Course 

In this course you will un-learn what you have been conditioned with, heal generational trauma, become aligned with your highest Self, and be able to guide your children through life aligned with their most authentic Self instead of passing on your own suffering and pain. 

Trauma runs in family lines until one person stops, re-evaluates, transforms and heals.

Therapy Sessions

Throughout my lifetime and career as a model, I have always been asked what I eat.

As a certified nutritionist and lover of delicious, nutrition-dense food, I have decided to write a book that allows you to follow simple tools that promote longevity and ultimate health. This book is perfect for those looking for guidance to promote immunity and those that thrive for vibrant energies and true beauty from the inside out. This book also serves as a perfect guide and support for all of my programs. 


A Horse-riding accident changed Laura’s life forever, with a broken spine and she was told that she might be paralyzed forever. Laura decided to step away from conventional medicine and was determined to heal her injury through a holistic approach. Using nutrition and spiritual practices, Laura healed her spine and was back on her feet – fully recovered. This event reinforced Laura’s trust for the natural healing process and she decided to immerse herself completely in studying and understanding nutrition, spirituality and cellular rejuvenation.



"I used to have a lot of cravings, for basically anything, from sweets and chocolate to salty and fatty things. It had a big impact on my mood and concentration. Also, my skin was unclear and looked not fresh. Since I worked with Laura I learned fascinating things about my body and nutrition and tried all her tips immediately and changes came instantly. I no longer have these daily cravings as she discovered the underlying minerals I was lacking. I think she knows more than many doctors and tools that don't require medicine. Now I feel balanced and in control and I love cooking her recipes. I used to hate cooking but her recipes are easy and super yummy.  I am even telling all my friends and family her tips and am able to help them with their problems as I have learned so much for life from Laura. "


Hong Kong

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