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MOST COMPLETE Pregnancy Guidance

Everything you need for the most healthy and happy pregnancy. Guidance from nutrition and inner well-being to birth and even parenting.

Are You Aware that Your Baby's Development is Directly Impacted by the Food You Consume, Your Movement, Thoughts, and Emotions?



Nutrition During Pregnancy and Detailed Covering of Vitamins and Minerals You Need 


Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga as a Powerful Tool for Birth Preparation and Recovery Care


Conscious Parenting Education to Bring You to Parenting from the Heart vs Old Dysfunctional Methods


Heavy Metals Detox to Prevent Any Possible Neurological Defects in Your Baby 


Guided Meditations to Get You to a Deep State of Bliss and Connection with Your Baby


Breastfeeding Support and Weaning Foods for Optimal Development and Immunity of Your Child


As You Go Through Your Pregnancy, Each Stage Corresponds to Different Organs Being Formulated in Your Baby.

For instance, the brain builds in the first trimester, whereas the formation and strength of the bones happen in the last 6 weeks of the pregnancy. By paying attention to nutrition and fine-tuning diet and supplements during different stages we can assist your baby's development needs, positively impacting its growth, IQ and support its immunity. 

The Care of Your Baby's Development During Pregnancy is Not Just Solely Down to Food. Your Inner Well-Being is Essential and Serves as an Emotional Foundation For the Baby's Well-Being. 

Your every thought and emotion has a reaction in the body. Your baby swims in water that carries the frequency of your energy. If you are angry, anxious, stressed, or relaxed, joyful, and happy it all has an impact on your child's development and well-being. 

Pregnancy is a Time of Transitioning Into Parenthood and a Calling to Heal Generational Passed Down Traumas that Run in All Family Lines.

The most essential part your child needs is a loving, supporting, present, and emotionally available parent. Pregnancy brings the opportunity to go on a journey inward, to un-parent yourself from unhealthy parenting and conditioning you have received growing up so that you do not repeat the same patterns and traumas with your child. Pregnancy is a time to become deeply connected to your Self and your heart and heal the ancestral wounds. This course brings you the knowledge and hands-on support to become aware of such damaging parenting patterns and gives you new perspectives and alternatives on parenting with love and guidance instead of control and manipulation.

Pregnancy Course Curriculum Updated

You will Receive the Most Complete Pregnancy Support from Doulas, Nutritionists, Yoga Teachers, and Relationship Coaches, where You will Find All the Knowledge You Need to Support You and Your Baby Fully not Only During Your Entire Pregnancy but Also After Birth, During Recovery, and Way Beyond


It’s the most complete and comprehensive knowledge about pregnancy and motherhood you can find. The Guidance covers the most important pregnancy and childbirth questions, it helps you prepare emotionally, brings relationships with your partner, environment, yourself to completely another level. I will continue to recommend this amazing guidance to all of my girlfriends.

Lisa, Zurich

This is the most amazing guidance you can find. I was not only able to bring a happy and healthy child to this world but I also been able to get rid of my old stereotypes, ‘un-program’ myself as Laura says, and learn that who I am directly influences my daughter Joy. My gratitude to Laura is endless. My husband benefited a lot to feel prepared in his role.

Alice, Singapore

I loved the lessons from Doula Sarrah Allison, I felt calm and excited about birth and overcame my fears. Her pre-natal, post-birth guidance and exercises were extremely helpful to me as well as the recommendations about weaning foods for my son now.

I wish every mom has the opportunity to take this pregnancy program and immense support. 

Isabella, Melbourne

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We want this beautiful guidance to be available for as many women as possible despite the difference in financial abilities. That's why we have created the most complete and affordable pregnancy guidance.
We were in your shoes and we feel you! If you consult doulas, doctors, nutritionists, coaches, and psychologists on all the topics covered in this program you would spend thousands of dollars. We offer this entire long program for only



Hi, I am Laura

Mom to the Most Amazing 5 Years Young Daughter, Expert in Nutrition & Health, Conscious Parenting, and Yoga Teacher with 10+ Years of Professional Experience.

After many years of being a nutritionist and helping hundreds of people with diet, illness prevention and reversal I noticed in myself and in my clients that no matter how clean and healthy the diet, if we have pain in our heart and unhealthy thoughts in our mind we are not truly well. Since then I did further training in emotional and mental well being, which in my belief is the key to true health and a joyful life. My passion is to guide you through the layers of your inner landscape and break any limitations that are holding you back from reaching your greatness. 


7% of every sale we give to revitalize deforested areas, help to find solutions to clean the ocean from plastic, help endangered and needy animals. By taking our programs, you are directly involved in good deeds.

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